First Day of Spring

March 21, 2010 at 9:47 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

We had a beautiful first day of spring on Long Island!  I actually collected pics of a full day of eats!  I can’t believe it!  My day started with this springy green smoothie:

Of course now that I got around to writing this post, I forgot what was in it, but there was almond milk, banana, spinach, vanilla protein powder and a few frozen cherries.  I think.  The husbo and I ran some errands and when we returned, my maca powder was waiting for me in my mailbox!  I was psyched and whipped up this pre-run snack.  Toasted Ezekiel, almond butter, banana, cinnamon and maca.  I felt very Fitnessista with it.  I totally forgot to get stock up on shot bloks while we were out, so I had to improvise.  I popped a Zico coconut water in the freezer and took it with me on my run.

I have been feeling some tenderness in my ankle after runs, so I bought this support to wear.  It looked bad and felt worse.  I felt fine while running, but really tweaked my foot while wearing it.  I’ll use it for after a run for some compression, but not during.

I did 8 miles in the glorious sunshine.  I stopped at mile 4 (and paused the Garmin) to drink my Zico.  Don’t worry, I stopped at a middle school so I could properly dispose of the container.

After my 8 were complete, I came home and uploaded the Garmin while I rolled around on my foam roller.  Then I whipped up a beast of a salad for lunch.

That’s romaine, tomatoes, carrots, avocado and baby beets with Annie’s balsamic.  Plus water with lemon and Cooking Light.  Enjoyed al fresco.

A MoJo bar to get my mojo back after my long run.

And then a brewski.  Sam Coastal Wheat was AWESOME!  It will be my summer beer of choice!  Beer was busted out so we could play this:

A little Bagg-o with the Hus-bo.  Good times.  Check out our hot yellow grass.  And cute Bailey.

Then I laid on my back and put my legs up the fence for some circulation assistance for my weary legs.  Check out that blue sky!  I jumped inside and took an epsom salt bath.  Then it was time for dinner with Momma.

The following pics were taken with the ‘berry.  Be warned.

The most delicious pre-dinner cocktail:

A “Lemon blueberry frost.”  I forget what was in it, but it was lemony and blueby and beyond fabulous.


multiply that by two.  It was bomb.


Baby spinach, walnuts, beets, and fried goat cheese.  Out of this world.

Main course:

Presentation was totally lacking, but it was delish!  Chilean sea bass with roasted peaches, spinach and ‘taters.

Cotton candy brought with the check.  How cute is that?  Husbo just about devoured the whole thing.  I had a few bites.  How could one resist?

So there’s my first day of spring!  I hope yours was springy and fun!  I’m going to miss these warm temperatures when they disappear this week.



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  1. That’s a delicious looking day. Bringing cotton candy with the check…now there’s something I haven’t seen before!
    9 weight loss

  2. I can’t yet figure out what my favorite part of this post is – the yummy alcoholic beverages, seeing Bailey, seeing you call Cornhole “Bagg-o” or your feet propped up on your fence. HA Good post sis.

    • It is legit called Bagg-o in these parts. I think you like my spinach smoothie best. Admit it.

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