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March 19, 2010 at 6:03 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

I don’t have any good food to show you today.  You can rest assured that I’ve been drinking chocolate cherry bomb shakes daily for breakfast and loving every minute of it.  I also have been indulging in salads galore and a little more Irish soda bread than I’m proud to admit.

I figured, since I’m low on writing inspiration tonight, that I’d share some of my favorite yoga gear with you!  I love yoga and have been practicing Bikram (hot) yoga regularly for about six months.  I have found that the right equipment can really make a difference in your practice.  So here’s what I use every time I hit the mat:

Manduka eQua towel:

I bought this towel at my studio and I can’t even imagine practicing without it.  I’m a sweater as it is and when you put me in a 109* room and make me hold triangle pose for a minute, I am literally dripping.  I used to slip and slide all over the place, but my eQua towel sips up all of my sweat and keeps me sturdy.

Manduka Black Mat PRO:

I ADORE this mat.  It is so thick and cushiony.  I feel very secure and comfortable.  My practice has improved tremendously because I’m focusing on my poses and not my mat.  It does not bunch or crease.  It stays put and does what it should.  It’s on the expensive side ($90), but if you’re serious about yoga, it’s a great investment.  Plus, Manduka offers a lifetime guarantee, mat recycling and makes eco-friendly products.  

Lululemon Stretch-n-Go Strap:

Crumby pic…sorry.  I love my strap.  I prefer not to have my mat cooped up in a bag.  As I mentioned before, my mat is usually wet when I leave class and I feel like it’s better in slightly exposed.  The strap also does double duty to get me further into my stretches at the end of class.

So there you have it!  My yoga essentials.  I highly recommend each of these items.  If you’re in need of a towel, mat or mat carrier, check these out!

In the meantime…here are my recent runs (4 miles each – Monday and Thursday respectively)

I was absolutely thrilled after this run!  I pushed hard for negative splits and those couldn’t look more lovely to me.  But wait…

I couldn’t be more proud of that fourth mile!  During mile 3 I came up with a little mantra to get me through mile 4 – “Your legs will move you, your breath will fuel you and your spirit will carry you.”  I repeated that a few times to myself after stopping for a traffic light for longer than I would have liked.  But in mile 4, I came up with a new one.  I saw that pace dipping lower and lower and I couldn’t give up…because I deserved it.  So my new mantra – “Do it because you deserve it!”  It may seem lame, but it totally gave me the boost I needed to smash through mile 4 – and it felt great

I couldn’t be happier that it’s Friday.  It’s been some week!  Bring on the beautiful weather of the weekend!

Do you have any mantras that you repeat to yourself to get you through tough workouts?

PS – fANNEtastic Anne is giving away an Eat Smart Precision Scale here!


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  1. I seem to be repeating “BECAUSE YOU CAN!” to myself when I need a little push. Strangely, it works!

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