A Long(er) Run

March 8, 2010 at 9:12 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

My training plan called for 5 miles on Sunday, but I ran 5 miles last Sunday and was ready for a little more.  So 6 miles it was.  It felt great to be outside, running in the sunshine.  The husbo came along on his bike, which was great because he took a water bottle and gave me the two glorious sips I needed to get me through.  Here are the stats from my Garmin:

I’m pretty proud of my mile splits.  It was a great run!  (Check out those max paces – weeee!)

Before my run, I had a delicious breakfast.

TJ’s French toast with some maple syrup and cinnamon and a green smoothie light style – spinach, almond milk, a banana and some ice.

Post run was a little tasting plate:

Two carrots, sugar snap peas, mini whole wheat pitas with spinach and artichoke hummus and some leftover sweet potato cheetahs from the other night.  Cheetahs and ketchup were eaten first and ketchup was removed from the plate promptly.  I have issues.

Dinner tonight was pretty fantastic.

TJ’s lobster ravis with salad and creamy tomato sauce.  I found the recipe in this month’s Fitness magazine.  It was two cups of marinara sauce with a little less than a cup of fat free Greek yogurt.  Delish!

Creamy goodness.

After dinner I made this lovely creation.  Brown rice/chia pudding.  You’ll have to stay tuned for the recipe.  It’s a winner!

I did tomorrow’s scheduled 4 miler today since I’m volunteering at a fundraiser tomorrow after work and have a meeting before work.  I must say, I now understand why people take ice baths.  My legs were feeling heavy and achey when I was through.  I did some may-jah stretching and iced my knees for about 25 minutes.  Good thing I have a day of rest tomorrow and only two miles scheduled for Wednesday!


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