Sassy Sushi

August 16, 2009 at 6:09 pm | Posted in lunch, snacks | Leave a comment

FUNLast night, we drove to Connecticut to have dinner with some friends.  We went to a sushi place they’ve been telling us about for quite some time.  I didn’t take any pics, but the food was awesome!  We started by sharing a salad with rice wine vinaigrette and some vegetarian gyoza (dumplings).  I ordered two rolls.  One was tilapia tempura with goat cheese and African peppers.  The other was broccoli and black beans in a whole grain wrap. 

We went back to our friends’ place and played some cards and dice.  We had a lot of laughs!


This morning my breakfast was not so healthy:  a whole wheat bagel toasted with a little bit of butter.  I haven’t had a bagel in ages!  I had to make things a little more healthy when I got home for lunch.  P1020508Look at hubbers peeking out on the mouse pad!  I had a blueberry Chobani Greek yogurt with Nature’s Path Hemp granola, some sliced organic strawberries and rainier cherries and some ground flax sprinkled on top.

P1020509Followed by some bunny grahams.

I have to mention that this is my first post using Windows Live Writer and I’m LOVING IT!  Thanks to the Healthy Living Summit presentation on Blogging 101 by Zesty Cook and Kath.

Today is a lazy day of some cleaning and a quick run to the grocery store.  Enjoy the day!



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