A Baby Shower and a Luau

August 8, 2009 at 1:25 pm | Posted in baking, breakfast | Leave a comment

That is what I’m doing today. It will be quite the day-o-fun. First up on the agenda: a baby shower brunch for a friend. The shower is a brunch, but I had to eat something when I woke up. I had some of the Trader Joe’s Triple Berry O’s that I bought at hubby’s request.

I’ve only had a couple of spoonfulls of these tossed in with my yogurt bowls. They were ok. I’m not the hugest fan of freeze-dried fruit in my cereal, so I added some fresh blues. I also put in some Bear Naked Fit granola. These didn’t taste all that nutritious. I threw out the box when I put them in the airtight container I store my cereals in, so I’m not sure of the facts.

On to my baking project! As you see in the title, I am also going to a luau today. I hate showing up to a party empty-handed, so I made some cupcakes. Pina colada cupcakes. Yeah, they exist and they’re good.
I found the recipe at Betty Crocker.com. I didn’t feel like going all out Martha Stewart, though I love her, so I wanted to use a mix and spruce it up. These are AWESOME. They really taste like pina coladas! Hubbers is always my taste-tester for baked goods, so I had a bite of his and it was great! You can find the recipe here.

Here are the little beauties all cozied up together:

I was so tempted to buy cocktail umbrellas for them. I couldn’t find them! I hope everyone likes them.

Well I am off to squeeze in a quick workout and then off to party all day! Enjoy the day!


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